Why Choose a Commercial Painter to Do a Home Painting Job?

Why Choose a Commercial Painter to Do a Home Painting Job?

You know you are dealing with a professional painter the moment you talk to one, or more definitely, the moment you see the work completed. Commercial painters speak confidently about the intricacies involved in the work of commercial painting, particularly the mixing of colours, the selection of paints to use, the tools needed to perform the work more efficiently, and how this work can be done at the least cost to a customer.

Not for amateurs

Certainly, a home painting job needs the services of a reliable professional painter who is experienced in the delicate job of painting the inside and outside of a whole house. We cannot just entrust this work to any one-off painter, especially if we, together with the all the members of our family, are to live in the house for many years to come. Or even if we simply intend to make the house as an investment item and sell it with some reasonable margin.

Proper credentials

Reliable commercial painters will have usually undergone training and guidance in all aspects of the business of commercial painting. They also will have registered and secured a business permit from the local government as well as with the professional association of painters in Australia. By these credentials, we are getting the assurance and confidence that they are aware of the responsibilities attached to their professional and business roles.

Industry regulations

Having undergone official instruction and guidance in every aspect of painting activity, commercial painters are particularly knowledgeable, not only about the aspects mentioned earlier, but also about environmental safeguards, the most economical painting methods and post-painting surface maintenance. Moreover, commercial painters, Melbourne-based or elsewhere in Australia, would usually carry liability insurance coverage and would follow Safe Work practices as well as industry standards in surface handling.

Key benefits

In summary, here are the key benefits of securing a commercial painter to do your home painting job:

  1. Guarantee of quality work. By their training and experience, supported by documented evidence and actual work done, commercial painters can be trusted to handle the delicate nature of painting the whole of a house. We certainly cannot give this job to an amateur, even if he might quote a much smaller cost for the work.
  2. Reasonable price. We will grant that the price quotation to be submitted by a commercial painter will often be much higher than that of a neighbourhood painter. Be that as it may, we know that we are still enjoying the advantage of a reasonable costing considering we are dealing with a professional group dedicated to its craft. The peace of mind that we enjoy is a lot more valuable than the price difference.
  3. Time control. When we engage a commercial painter, we are in effect hiring a team of professional painters, not just one person. We are thus utilising the talent and collective services of several minds and hands, and because of this, whatever timetable has been agreed upon will almost always be met with satisfaction.
  4. Safe methods. Painting is not an easy job to do. There is much more to it than what is seen by the eye. A professional painter is generally guided by the desired finished output on the surface, and usually, the level of quality that is already acceptable to us is still wanting from the painting expert’s point of view. Moreover, reliable painters work in an orderly manner, taking every care not to stain any surface or furniture and keeping their mess to a minimum. Most professional painters are also properly attired by wearing their uniform at work.
  5. Trust in their competence. Because you are hiring people who are duly licensed in their business and who are duly accredited or certified in the skill set that they employ, we can rest on the assurance that they will turn over a project finish that truly reflects our goal for the project.

Owner’s choice

Your choice of a commercial painter who will do your project is crucial. For whatever reason you are having a repainting makeover, it’s almost certain you will find one that will fit your requirements for your project. Make sure 1800 All Painting is on your screen when you make that choice.

1800 All Painting

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