House Colour Trends in 2017 That Will Blow Your Mind

House Colour Trends in 2017 That Will Blow Your Mind

Neutral colours have continued to be popular in many homes throughout the first quarter of 2017. This is a change from 2016, when shades of pastel and soft pinks dominated consumer preference. This change indicates that even though trends fade, they tend to go in circles.

2017: What’s In

But regardless of the trend, famous paint companies like Behr have urate a rich collection of paint colours that address consumer personalities and desires.

To help you choose, let’s see what will be the most popular colours and combinations that will dominate 2017.  

  • Pastels

Pastels and neutral hues are poised to take centre stage with an emphasis on botanicals through the first half of the year and deep into the latter months.

1800 All Painting Pastels

These include shades of blue, yellow and light pink There will also be a re-emergence of dusky blues.

Pastel pink

Pink is becoming a common bedroom, bathroom and even living room paint, despite being considered utterly feminine. Still you can achieve a  more sophisticated look, you with a muted shade of pink.

Dusty pink has also been popular for use on interiors. This appeals to more people as opposed to the normal pink associated with little girls or teen females. You can pair this shade with any black, grey or white variation, to create a typical modern look.

Also popular are hues of lime greens and spicy reds in most interior décors, that are holdovers from 2016. These are mostly prominent colours – intended to attract home buyers.

So if you are looking to create interior spaces that pop, remain on trend and resonate with a big section of the property market,  this is where you should draw your inspiration.

  • Cool palettes

Soft palettes for creating serene interiors this year include taupes and earthy greens. And grey has risen to the top in 2017 as Australian Trend Forecast’s current dominant neutral palette.

Cool palettes - 1800 All Painting

These quiet palettes take centre stage in contrast to shouting colour palettes.

The neighbouring New Zealand’s colour experts agree with Australian Trend Forecast’s predictions for 2017. They expect neutrals would continue to be popular in both commercial and residential properties during 2017, with beige greys being emphasised.

  1. Mineral grey

And if you are not into neutral and soft colours on the walls, you can go with dark grey! Some paint experts describe this as a sophisticated and modern colour. And it wouldn’t This is eclectic and adds a bit of flair and class on your interiors.

Grey generally exudes calm. It makes your space a safe haven especially after a busy, tiring day. You can also choose to have the glossy effect on a plain wall for your bedroom, or textured effect for your living room wall. The idea is to effortlessly achieve sophistication and elegance in your space.

Overall, we can expect blush, duck egg blues and grey to be popular in our homes this year. Black has also been used either as a backdrop or accent on home interiors. For interior décor, we see natural clay, concrete, stone, uncoated timber and metals.

We are seeing more of tarnished metals including silver, bronze and golds. The exterior of houses on the other hand usually have black and various shades of grey decors

What’s out

Not all popular home colours in 2016 will continue to be favourites in 2017.

Forget the cream, plain whites, lavender, copper  

Cream, lavenders, white, copper and gold are out.

Though we cannot say that gold and copper are absolutely gone, we see rose gold becoming less popular.

In the same way, perfect glossy finishes are not as widespread as they used to be. Instead, we see more of natural and less perfect surface finishes. Materials such as tiles, urns and dinnerware are progressively becoming more popular on interior elements. Glass has also consistently been a favourite.

Keep these in mind especially if you plan to give your home a new look this 2017. A splash of new paint done well will make the home more attractive and increases its value.