Strategies to Increase the Market Value of your House

Strategies to Increase the Market Value of your House

If you are in the business of buying and selling residential properties or are simply planning to sell your house and wish to get maximum value for it when you sell it, there are a number of things you can do to your house to make it look more attractive and desirable to buyers. This means you can command a higher price for it when it is sold.

Refurbishing approaches

Among the many such approaches, the following are the most common ways of refurbishing a house for sale:

  1. General repair. Do an overall general repair of the house, focusing on parts that need to be put to proper functioning. Included in this general repair are the repair of the different utilities and basic facilities such as electrical and water systems, access facilities and the security system.
  2. Kitchen makeover. If the house is already showing its age and long-time usage is indicated by the colour and appearance of the kitchen counter and floor tiles, a general kitchen makeover involving replacement of old tiles with new ones will greatly enhance the value of the house. This is because most buyers of homes attach a premium to an impressive functional kitchen and would be influenced by how it looks.
  3. Interior and exterior repainting. Among the more effective strategies to ascribe a higher value to a house repainting of both the interior and exterior spaces will assume the biggest contribution to both the intrinsic as well as extrinsic valuation of the property. Most buyers are visual buyers, which means that their attraction to an item or an object is dictated by the object’s impact on the viewer. Since houses will be naturally viewed as a matter of procedure for evaluation prior to purchase, this facial makeover can have a very strong appeal to the aesthetic sense of the viewer.

Basic functionalities

Colour and design have always been the media upon which the buyers’ purchase decisions would be anchored, side by side with a product’s functionality. That is why, if a house is generally in order with the basic functionalities working conformably – no leaks, switches are turning on and off, power is running in outlets, doors are snugly fitted, locks are working, there is water in the faucets – the key proposition that will command a positive decision from initial viewing to final reviewing and purchase will be the external and internal repainting.

Call in the professionals

It will thus be a worthwhile decision and action of a house owner to have the exterior and interior of the house repainted if he intends to sell it. Moreover, this repainting has to be done extremely well if it is to perform the role it is assigned to do. It must not be a DIY job, though DIY may be the most practical way. A professional painter with a lot of experience in commercial painting is required. Melbourne hosts a string of reliable commercial painters whom we can call or engage anytime to do commercial painting jobs. One of these is 1800 All Painting whom we can easily access through the website.

Why a professional commercial painter?

As repainting enhances the face value of the house, the job has to be done impeccably well which only the experts in paints and colour can handle. Experienced painters are very meticulous in their application of paint on surfaces as well as in the choice of type of paints to use and the number of coats needed to produce an excellent finish.

They know what colours to mix and know which paint to use for the inside and for the outside. They know how to work dexterously with their tools and equipment to make the most of the materials allocated in a most economical way. All that you need to do is to tell them what changes you want, the design you want to implement, and the colour in each part of the house.

When you come down to it in the final re-assessment of your repainted or refurbished house, you will find that the amount that you would have spent for your house makeover would just be a fraction compared to the increased value now attached to the house. Now you are ready to open your house for market viewing and you are confident that the selling price is justified by its appearance.

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