6 August, 2018
The Story of a Painter

The Story of a Painter

I was about 28-years-old, moving from one task to another, living pay check to pay check. It was hard to find a stable job, let alone something I actually wanted to do. One week, I could be stocking products on my local supermarket shelf, the next I was trucking cross-country, running deliveries
27 June, 2017
professional painter

How to Choose a Professional Painter?

Choosing a professional painter  with due diligence will save you a lot of trouble. You need the right combination of experience and budget to make the right hire. Here are some pointers to help you hire the right professional painter. Begin with realising what needs to be done. Spend some time pondering
23 June, 2017
strata painting

The Purpose of Strata Painting for Your Business

Creating a positive image amongst clients is vital in any business. The first look of your business can leave a positive or negative impact on your customer. Investing in the physical appearance of your property, both the interior and exterior, can give you great returns. How does strata painting help developing business?
28 March, 2017

House Colour Trends in 2017 That Will Blow Your Mind

Neutral colours have continued to be popular in many homes throughout the first quarter of 2017. This is a change from 2016, when shades of pastel and soft pinks dominated consumer preference. This change indicates that even though trends fade, they tend to go in circles. 2017: What’s In But regardless of

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