August 06,2018

The Story of a Painter

I was about 28-years-old, moving from one task to another, living pay check to pay check. It was hard to find a stable job, let alone something I actually wanted to do. One week, I could be stocking p
January 05,2017

Strategies to Finding a Good Painting Contractor

Painting is one of the more popular home improvement strategies. It is especially helpful when you’re trying to sell your house. A fresh coat of paint alone can significantly improve the appearance
February 23,2015

6 Tips for Hiring a House Painter in Melbourne

  While painting a house can be completed through a DIY approach, more and more people are starting to hire a professional painter instead. Hiring a painter to do your house painting proje
December 23,2014

Top 6 Tips That Make Finding the Right Painters in Melbourne Easier

  We know painting a house is something everyone believes they can do themselves. But not everyone can. A proper job requires certain skills and experience.So, hiring a professional is alw