Useful Tips in Choosing A Professional Painting Company

Useful Tips in Choosing A Professional Painting Company

10 Tips on Choosing the Right Residential or Commercial Painting Company

Look out for “RIP OFF” warning signals

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Get at least three quotations for cost comparison and be aware of general contractors. The majority of them are not “hands on”. So you will, therefore, in effect, be paying someone to act as a coordinator.

Be prepared with some research. It will help you with the job specifics and prevent some wool being pulled over your eyes.

Don’t accept any bid until you have contacted and spoken to at least 2 referred customers with completed similar projects.


Don’t accept any contractor at face value

Be wary of incentive promises. Learn the foundation of each contractor and how substantial they are as painting services in Melbourne. In this respect, there are various questions that you should go over with each painting company you are considering. These simple questions include:

  • How long has the contractor been in business?
  • Do they have all of the required licences for their business?
  • Do they use subcontractors or use their own labour?


Get estimates from several contractors

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Getting several estimates should be a natural precaution. It is important to ensure you are getting good value at a fair price.

Estimates that are significantly lower than others could indicate poor quality work and materials, or shortcuts being taken! Compare the quality of the materials to be used and any guarantees that are given regarding workmanship and work quality.

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Service quality

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Service quality is an indicator as to the general perception of their customers by a contractor. It can show their dedication to meeting determined conditions as well as their attitude to your particular job.

It is important to pay attention regarding whether the contractor is professional, courteous and conscious of time, such as keeping appointments. Keep in mind, that even though it is a positive sign for contractors to be busy; you, as a potential customer, should be given the best possible service and attention from the beginning.


Determine your painting project

 It is essential that the particular details of your painting project are clearly defined at the start.

Therefore, be certain to qualify and clarify your needs. At the same time, make yourself reasonably familiar with the terms of the contract you will be committing to. It is your money and accordingly you have the right to ask questions, and obtain clarification on each and every aspect if required. Some details required could be:

  • Job planning;
  • Preparation of surfaces to be painted; type and colour of paint to be used;
  • Setting-up and cleaning-up procedures;
  • Job time frame; and
  • Payment structuring


Walk the job

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It is always a good idea to walk a potential painting contractor around the entire areas to be painted; indoors and outdoors.

During this excursion, you can discuss various aspects and factors related to what you want the job to consist of. In particular, include those that could have an effect on the overall price. Be specific about your requirements during this session.

Most importantly, be sure that you receive detailed answers to all your questions. At the same time, be conscious of the attitude displayed by the contractor.


Pay attention

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As you meet and discuss the job with each painting contractor, it will stand you in good stead to pay attention to some behaviour patterns and indicators. :

Observe if the contractor projects a sense of professionalism and ask yourself the following:

  • Is the contractor interested, aware and courteous? The professionals generally meet these criteria.
  • Does a potential; contractor return your phone calls, or phone you with information and provide estimates timely?
  • Is the contractor familiar with the terms and conditions of the contract and the materials to be used?


About making the commitment

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When you have already selected a contractor for your job, now is the time to ask for a copy of the contract, for you to review it with care.

You have previously asked questions and received determined answers. Now you want to confirm that your wishes and conditions are being met. You have the right as a consumer to request clarification on any of the terms and conditions of a contract, especially, any small print.


Job agreement

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With the proposed contract in hand, ascertain that you and the contractor are on the same page regarding job details.

  • What is exactly to be painted? Is it fully detailed?
  • What job preparation and clean-up is specified?
  • How will the contractor protect any patios, plants, furniture or any other items?
  • Is the discussed job completion date confirmed?
  • Are discussed price and payment conditions stated correctly?


Take your time

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Before putting pen to paper and committing yourself to this investment, it is worth reviewing what has transpired with the contractor and your overall impressions. If necessary, re-address any factor that is of concern, even to the extent of requesting further references regarding work and labour quality.

Better that you ensure satisfaction before signing the contract than retain uncertainty about your decision later. If you cannot resolve any personal or outstanding issues with a contractor, then you need to re-start the process. It will be worth it in the long term!