The Impact of Paint Colours to the Productivity Level

The Impact of Paint Colours to the Productivity Level

Several scientific studies have shown that colours have tremendous effects on the state of mind and wellbeing of a person. Many psychologists and workplace productivity experts believe that the individuals’ moods are affected by the colours that surround them. This is especially true in any workplace environment. As a matter of fact, the paint colour can significantly influence the level of personal productivity of each and every worker. Hence, if you are a business owner, it is highly suggested that you should carefully choose the right paint colour for your workplace. This way, your workers will be able to maximise their productivity level that will best interests your business.


Colour Affects Results

The paint colours of your workplace attribute to your workers’ behaviour towards their work and co-workers. A recent study conducted by the University of Texas found that employees working in offices dominantly painted by the colours plain grey, white or beige experienced feelings of general sadness and low morale. This is particularly true among women. In the same study, the colours purple and orange are discovered to have a similar gloomy effect on male workers. Naturally, such low state did not lead to high levels of productivity.

Various Ways Different Colours Affect Results

The past and current research and studies have consistently proven that colours impact people’s moods. Consequently, they affect the workers performance in whatever task they are doing. Credit the people who devote effort and time in studying the psychology of colours including Serge Longin. He delved extensively into colour theory at the Art Institute of Chicago. Longin helped transform a bland all-white office into an energy-inducing red-orange environment and saw employees perk up at work with the accent changed.

Here is how the various colours affect moods and performance level when applied in the workplace:

  1. Blue or Green – These low-wavelength colours are dominant colours that signify nature. Mark Woodman of Colour Marketing Group found that decorating some green paint inside an office makes people perform better. In fact, one study showed that just a glimpse of the colour green right before a creative activity resulted in better creative outputs. Blue and green are colours that induce feelings of well-being.
  1. Red or Orange – These high-wavelength colours are ideal for active passionate people. That is the reason these are the colours of love, of fire and fire trucks. Their plain sight triggers an increase in heart beats. These colours awaken energy, according to Elizabeth Brown of Colour Consulting. It may, however, evoke stress if these colours are used dominantly.
  1. Yellow – Psychologists see yellow as the colour of happiness and optimism. It is the colour recommended for workspaces where creativity is needed. This colour is ideal for writers, designers, and artists, as well as architects. Colour experts attribute yellow to high self-esteem. It stimulates cheerfulness among people working in dominantly yellow-painted offices. Woodman, however, warns that too much yellow can be agitating. He recommends balancing yellow with some blue or orange paint colours.

Right Colour Hue

Just like any indulgence, too much of something can be bad. Colour experts advise that when the desired productivity level is reached using colour accenting, some colour review is necessary to sustain the gains. Paint colours change shade over time because of fading. Hence, you may need to do some colour repainting of your offices or homes when the desired colour has lost its original hue.

Consult the Colour Experts


When it comes to paint, it is wise to seek the professional advice and assistance of the colour and paint experts. After consulting with your designer or architect on colours to be used in your offices, you need the paint experts to execute the consultant’s colour recommendations for your premises.

The Choice of Painters Matters

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