15 September, 2014

Exude Professionalism with 1800 All Painting’s Office Painting Services

Many people don’t realize the effect an office’s colour scheme can have on potential clients as well as current employees. There are many businesses that have failed because they have chosen very unprofessional colour schemes for their reception area, office space and their conference rooms. In addition, the colour scheme of an
28 July, 2014

What You Should Know About Industrial Painting in Melbourne

  Melbourne is one of the biggest cities in Australia. Being a large city, it’s really not surprising to find companies that specialize in industrial painting to service the building projects in the area. What is industrial painting anyway? Industrial painting refers to the use of industrial-grade painting and coating for the
21 July, 2014

The Right Things to Do Before Painting Your Apartment

Deciding to paint your apartment comes with it a barrel full of potential problems. While owning your own home or condo means you get almost full range regarding what you do with it, painting an apartment that you are renting from someone else takes other considerations. Before you go down to the
14 July, 2014

How to Paint a Newly Built House

Newly built homes should be allowed to settle and dry out during the first few months after completion before final paintwork is done.  The reason for this is that building materials such as concrete, plaster, bricks and timber tend to absorb moisture during construction. This is not immediately obvious and certainly does

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