7 May, 2015

Best House Paint Colours to Make Your Home Feel Good

If you live in a leased apartment, white walls might be the best choice for your house colours. On the other hand, if you own your home or apartment, you can choose whatever colour you want. There are a few homeowners who play safe and go with white walls. However, for most
9 April, 2015

What You Need to Know About Exterior Painting for the Buildings on Your Property

  Whether you own a commercial or a residential property in Melbourne, you need to take care of it properly. In addition to the tons of indoor concerns, you also must make certain that the exterior has been well maintained. The right choices in exterior painting can make a tremendous difference in
12 March, 2015

Colour Consultant: Choosing the Best Paint Colours for Your Home

  Choosing the right colour for your house may seem like a hard thing to do. This is especially true if you don’t have the right tips on how to look for the perfect colour. Many times, you have chosen a colour but then regretted later. Often, it’s because it doesn’t end
23 February, 2015

6 Tips for Hiring a House Painter in Melbourne

  While painting a house can be completed through a DIY approach, more and more people are starting to hire a professional painter instead. Hiring a painter to do your house painting project has tons of great benefits. Since it is their job to get your house painted, you can be sure

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