Why Professional House Painters in Melbourne are an Excellent Investment

Why Professional House Painters in Melbourne are an Excellent Investment


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It’s usually viewed as a minor thing. It’s time-consuming, sure, but not a major project requiring military precision planning. But painting a home is more than just a summer chore. It’s an investment that experienced house painters in Melbourne can tell you it adds greatly to a home’s value.

With services from professional home painters, Melbourne property owners have reaped the benefit. But even if you are not planning to sell your home, painting its interior and exterior can help protect it, enhance it and make living in it all that more enjoyable.

At 1800 All Painting, we’ve been advising on the real benefits of painting a home regularly – and benefits beyond the obvious. Here are just a few of them which we think, as experienced house painters, Melbourne homeowners should know.

Painting the Interior

It is no secret that a freshly painted home interior is the most effective way of improving the quality of living. It’s something many people like to do themselves, but it is sometimes worth hiring professional home painters. Melbourne estate agents point out that a properly painted interior creates an attractive environment that is clean and modern.It can also be the deal-maker when selling property.

Some important pointers are:

  • Choose the right paint for the surface – matte, gloss, semi-gloss or satin finishes are popular
  • Choose paint with low or no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) which are damaging to your health
  • If selling, keep colours neutral as these are more appealing to potential buyers

Whether you are painting to brighten up a living room, kitchen, bedroom or hallway, most house painters in Melbourne recommend matte or gloss.But keep in mind, when covering surface blemishes a shiny gloss or semi-gloss often looks uneven.

Painting the Exterior

Painting the exterior of your home makes a big difference in curb appeal. But experienced home painters – in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and elsewhere – understand that local climate is a key consideration to get the best results.

Practically, all exterior paint options improve appearance, but protecting it against the elements is a key consideration too.So, the surface material is important as well. For example, for professional house painters, Melbourne’s changeable climate demands a lot from exterior paint. The key choice is:

Oil-based (alkyd) paints look great but when it dries it forms a hard coating over the surface that cracks and blisters as trapped moisture struggles to escape.

Water-based (latex/acrylic) paints expand and contract to allow moisture out, so cracking and blistering is very rare.

Despite the higher expense, home painters in Melbourne recommend buying top quality paint because the effects last longer. This option boasts greater adhesion, is less likely to blister or flake and tends to not to fade. Mildew-resistant paint is ideal for houses located in shaded areas.

Return on Investment

As one of the most trusted house painters in Melbourne, we at 1800 All Painting understand you want your investment to be worth every cent. The good news is with a professional job done that will be the case.

If you’re simply sprucing up your home’s appearance, then the better finishing means the stylish look, colour quality and smooth application will last longer.

If you are looking to attract a buyer, then the market value of the home will increase based on its enhanced appearance alone.And it will be more likely to attract higher bids sooner. Your estate agent will testify that buyers react to what is seen before what is unseen – and a good paint job will certainly be seen.