6 Tips for Hiring a House Painter in Melbourne

6 Tips for Hiring a House Painter in Melbourne


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While painting a house can be completed through a DIY approach, more and more people are starting to hire a professional painter instead. Hiring a painter to do your house painting project has tons of great benefits. Since it is their job to get your house painted, you can be sure they will do it well. As you know, it’s easy to start a project, and then never get around to finishing it (or taking weeks and weeks just working on it in your spare time).

If you end up doing this during a painting project though, the walls are going to end up looking rather odd for a while. For this reason, it’s a good idea to hire a professional house painter Melbourne instead. But before deciding who to hire, think through some of these items and make sure that your house painting company checks out:

1. Look for a Trustworthy Company

There are a lot of different painting companies out there, and you need to make sure you can trust the painter you choose. Some house painter Melbourne companies will not take proper care of your property. Since you will let these people into your home, you need to be sure you can trust them.

To make sure they are trustworthy, ask them if they will take care of your stuff and can guarantee that no damage will come from them. A trustworthy company will assure you that they will cover your furniture, paint carefully, and take their time. If any paint does get on any of your properties, a good house painting company will carry insurance to replace this for you.

2. Ask for an Estimate From at least Three Painting Companies Before Hiring

Good companies offer good prices. If you get a few different estimates, they should all be similar. Though each company will use different formulas to do their pricing, a huge difference in prices will make you aware of possible issues. It will also impress the house painting guy when you demonstrate that you know your stuff.

Here’s an example: One painter offers to do a job for 300 and another for 350, when you ask the second painter why it costs more, he shakes his head and says “that’s odd, we are considered to be one of the lowest priced companies around”. So you tell him “well looks like you’re not after all” and hire the first guy. Then it turns out the first guy will only do one coat of paint and won’t use a primer. The moral of this story is you get what you pay for, and it is crucial to ask the painter the services that are covered by his price.

3. Ask the House Painting Company Exactly What Services are Covered

While you might think this is obvious, it’s surprising how many times people forget to ask. If you are not clear about learning what a house painter Melbourne Company can do for you, they can do whatever they like and charge you any price they wish. So instead be clear ahead of time, and learn what services are included in the price.

Check what services are offered by asking some of these questions:

  • Will they cover your furniture?
  • Will they remove fixtures from your wall such as light switch covers, electrical outlets, and glow in the night lights? (bad painters just paint around this stuff, which will look tacky if you ever decide to move your things around down the road)
  • Do they paint baseboards?
  • How about ceilings?
  • Does ceiling height or accessibility matter?

All of these questions should be taken into account in the pricing. Many house painting companies just roll everything together into one master-price, and if you don’t ask about it, you won’t know what you are being charged for.

4. Find Out if the Company is Licensed

You would be surprised by how many people decide to start up a painting company and don’t get the proper licensing first. While these companies are not bad, you know what you’ll get with a licensed company. They will do a professional job, all of their pricing are up to certain standards and guarantee a good job.

5. Ask How Many Coats of Paint Will Be Applied

Good house painter Melbourne companies will apply a primer coat with at least two coats of color. Be sure to ask them what exactly they will do for you. Some companies will even sand the walls to help the paint stick better, and make it last a lot longer. For the most part as long as more than two coats of paint are applied, you should be fine.

6. Check if They Conduct Business in a Professional Manner

A successful house painter Melbourne Company is experienced in house painting. They will show up to meetings on time, provide a clear idea of what services they provide, and they will stick to their word. A flaky house painter won’t last very long in the painting business. Ask them questions about how long they have been in business, can they provide references and the like.

If you follow this list when hiring your next house painter Melbourne Company, you will have a much happier experience. Why go through all the stress of painting a house yourself when there are great companies that can do it all for you, at affordable prices? Besides if you care about your home, it’s worth investing a little bit in making it look nice. A good paint job will last a long time and adds a lot to your home.