Why and How Hiring a Commercial Painter Can Save You Time and Money

Why and How Hiring a Commercial Painter Can Save You Time and Money


Hiring Commercial Painter Can Save Time And Money | 1800AllPainting

There is always a temptation to believe that painting a building is a simple enough job. But when it comes to painting large developments or business premises, hiring properly qualified commercial painters is not only a sensible move, but one that can save money, time and stress.

The fact is that painting is a skilled trade that requires time and careful instruction to master. Painting a residence requires technique, knowledge of materials and proper surface preparation (to name just 3 aspects). But because commercial painting projects tend to be much bigger, incorporating anything from office buildings and warehouses to strip malls and multi-unit condominium complexes, the demands are much greater.

As one of Melbourne’s most highly regarded firms of commercial painters, we at 1800 All Painting know from first-hand experience just how demanding it can be. So, how can you make sure your investment is not wasted?

Industry Standardisation and Licenses

It’s not just a matter of hiring a local painter for your commercial painting project. The logistics are simply too big, making the chances of a great job by an inexperienced local painter pretty small. To find the right contractor, you need to look for:

  • Experience – someone who has a proven record of handling projects of a relevant size
  • Qualification – has the certificates and licenses necessary
  • Reputation for Quality– has a history of doing top-quality work

While Victoria has not yet introduced regulations specifically for painters to operate under, there is an Australia-wide industry standard consumers should apply. The Industry Standard for the Surface Coating Industry was put together in 2009.This is supported by the Master Painters Association of Victoria (MPAV), that residential and commercial painters are expected to adhere to.

Also, check your contractor if they are familiar with the AS/NZ2311.2009 Guide to the Painting of Buildings, which provides a guide to the products and procedures for painting buildings – domestic, commercial and industrial.

Benefits of Hiring Commercial Painters

So, what are the benefits of turning to proven professionals for a commercial painting project? Well, there are many, but our shortlist of the most significant is the following:

  1. Saves Time and Money. It’s true that time is money. Usually, a business premises needs to be shut down to be painted.So the shorter the project runs the better for you. An experienced contractor will stick to the agreed schedule and have everything running like clockwork.
  2. Better Quality.  Reputable commercial painters are fully qualified. That means training and experience, which means the necessary skills and knowledge to produce a quality job. It’s never a guarantee, of course, but you can at least feel confident.
  3. Lower Maintenance Costs.  Every painting job needs to be touched up after a few years.But badly completed commercial painting projects are likely to need major facelifts. This is because a professional will complete the necessary repairs and surface treatments before painting. So, less maintenance is needed later on, lowering overall maintenance costs.
  4. Less Stress.  If your chosen commercial painter has the qualifications, the experience and a proven history of high quality work, then you can rest assured that your project is in safe hands. And that is priceless to a busy business person like you!

Call on 1800 All Painting

Commercial painting is one of the core areas of 1800 All Painting. Over our 15-year history, we have managed several major projects, including:

  • Apartment buildings
  • Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels

We also offer services that go beyond a normal painting job. These include:

  • Surface preparations
  • Fire and water damage repairs
  • Plaster and drywall repairs
  • Building restorations
  • Power washing
  • Maintenance painting
  • Protective coating application

And with a team of fully qualified, greatly experienced and fully insured commercial painters to call upon, you can be 100% sure of a top quality job done.