Smart Buying Guide for Water Proof Paint

Smart Buying Guide for Water Proof Paint

water proof paint buying guide

There are many circumstances under which you would want to buy water proof paint. Waterproof paint is often used outside to protect fences and decking. It is also used indoors in bathrooms in other areas where there is likely to be a lot of moisture and damp.

Waterproof paint can help to prevent water damage by stopping rain water from seeping into cracks in your walls or soaking up into wood. However, paint by itself is not a substitute for good maintenance or proper drainage. Waterproof paint is simply an additional layer of protection, but it is a very good layer of protection and one that everyone should use.

When you are shopping for waterproof paint, there are several points that you must consider:

  1. The amount of paint you need for the job.
  2. The brand
  3. The price; and
  4. Make sure the paint will suit the room aesthetically and functionally.


How Much Paint Should You Buy?

You should always try to buy more paint than you need. If you fail to purchase enough paint when you start the job, you could run into problems finishing the room. There are subtle differences between the colours of paint, even within the same range, if you buy different batches.

Buying more paint than you think you need at the outset, and ensuring it all comes from the same batch, will save you a lot of stress. Most reputable DIY stores will allow you to return the extra paint as long as the tin is not opened.


How Much Should You Pay?

Waterproof paint is typically more expensive than standard paint, but for good reason. Read some reviews online and ask the staff to recommend a good brand.

Check the label on the paint to make sure that it has a good guarantee. Hopefully, you will not need to call upon the guarantee, but it is still important to have it.

The type of guarantee offered by the paint company is a clear representation of the quality of the paint. A short or low value guarantee is probably a sign that the company does not have a lot of faith in its product.


Outdoor Paints

If the paint is going to be used on outdoor fences or decking, make sure that you choose a paint that is designed to be used outdoors. Water proof paint for outdoor use is very different to water proof or water resistant paint for use indoors.

Rain water can be very acidic because of the pollution that is in the atmosphere today, so the paint will need to be strong enough to resist that acidity.

If you choose the wrong kind of paint, not only do you run the risk of having your property suffer from some serious damage, you may also find that the paint maker refuses to pay out under warranty because you used the paint for something other than its intended purpose.

Another area where you need to use very good paint is in the basement. The basement is an area where a lot of moisture tends to accumulate, and if you let that moisture build up it could do a lot of damage to your property, and the damage could spread to other areas.

Save yourself some potentially stressful, time consuming and expensive repair work by purchasing the right kind of paint for your basement from the outset and applying it correctly.