Awesome Commercial Painting Makeover with 1800 All Painting

Awesome Commercial Painting Makeover with 1800 All Painting


Commercial Painting Melbourne


In commercial painting, it is very important for the proprietor to make sure that an excellent paint job is done to the property. The paint job on a commercial building can either make or break it. Many people are unaware of the positive impact a good paint job can do on a commercial property. To ensure getting the best results for your commercial space, hire with a reputable commercial painting service provider such as 1800 All Painting.

Commercial properties encompass many different types of properties, including malls, apartments, hotels and even warehouses. Nevertheless 1800 All Painting have had extensive experience with all of these properties. Not only have they had experience, the team at 1800 All Painting have helped in making many of these commercial properties into extremely lucrative and successful businesses that still thrive in Melbourne today.

Many businesses in Melbourne think of 1800 All Painting when they want their commercial building properly painted. Many restaurants, huge malls and warehouse apartments have been painted by the skillful team at 1800 All Painting in areas ranging from the bare outskirts of Melbourne to the Central Business District. 1800 All Painting certainly does not discriminate when it comes to their commercial painting services.

For almost 20 years, 1800 All Painting has been providing Melbourne with top quality painting solutions. There really isn’t any other commercial painting business in Melbourne that comes close to the reputation and respect 1800 All Painting has earned over the years. Most of all, 1800 All Painting has shown itself to be a business that can persevere and adapt to the many changes that occur daily in the world of design and painting.

All of the team members of 1800 All Painting show that they have an absolutely huge passion for painting and keeping their clients happy and satisfied with their services.

1800 All Painting’s commercial painting services come with a wonderful bunch of benefits. You get an exclusive bespoke colour matching consultation. This means that you will be able to talk to one of the extremely talented colour consultants and discuss what colour choices will maximise your property’s attractiveness to potential buyers and customers. The colour consultation offered by 1800 All Painting is acclaimed by hundreds of local businesses in the Melbourne area.

1800 All Painting will also go the extra mile by rendering services such as plaster and drywall repairs that are included with the commercial painting package. Fire and water damage repair will also be conducted if any is found on the property. To make sure that the property will remain damage-free in the future, 1800 All Painting will throw in an exclusive protective coating application.

Occupational safety is one of the most important principles that 1800 All Painting follows. They want to ensure that the commercial property will be safe for many years to come – the well-being of anyone that comes in contact with property is the priority. This means that the team will only use the highest quality and most respected painting products when working on any commercial property. 1800 All Painting will do everything they can to ensure that the commercial property is not only desirable after the job is done, but that it lasts for many years.

If you’re looking to get a huge offer for your apartment or warehouse property, then having your property painted by 1800 All Painting is the best way to go. One of the best times to have your property painted is when you they are about to be put onto the market to be sold. Any good real estate agent will see that your property is well-maintained and can get a good price during sale.

Any smart owner of a commercial property will be wise to choose 1800 All Painting’s commercial painting services. By combining talented painters with functionality and safety, any commercial property will benefit from the magic touch of 1800 All Painting.