Advantages of Getting Your New Home Painted by 1800 All Painting

Advantages of Getting Your New Home Painted by 1800 All Painting

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Buying a new home is definitely an exciting moment for anyone. However, you may realize that not everything is what it seems. For example, you may notice that certain rooms will have an archaic style of paint while another room will have a very ugly colour scheme. If you truly want to make your home feel amazing, you need to get your new home painted and serviced by a reputable business such as 1800 All Painting.

1800 All Painting’s crew have been around painting in Melbourne for almost 20 years. There really aren’t any other businesses in the Melbourne area that has a history as long as 1800 All Painting. The team has definitely proven itself to provide a reliable service for almost two decades. While they were at it, the team at 1800 All Painting have gained expertise and experience in painting new homes which simply can’t be matched.

When deciding to work with 1800 All Painting to do new home painting, you will be surprised by the many benefits that come with choosing their service. The talented crew of 1800 All Painting have been known to spoil their clients with hundreds of benefits when they come to them to have their home painted.

First of all, the bare bones of the entire new house painting project will be conducted with the most meticulous approach to ensure a superior painting job. The 1800 All Painting team will use not only one but two coat applications of paint to ensure that the paint will last for several decades. In addition, sealers made of oil and acrylic will be used of the highest quality to protect the integrity and the colour presentation of the painted home.

Colour consultation and client walk through of the new home before painting begins allow the client to have complete control over dictating what goes on in the painting project. Essentially, the client’s tastes and preferences are taken into account when choosing colour schemes that will look best for their home. The client will also be shown what the room will look like if they choose a specific colour scheme.

Anyone who works with 1800 All Painting will be guaranteed that their safety will be of the highest priority. This does not just mean safety during the actual painting project is in progress. It also includes safety many decades after the painting project is done. This is because many other painting businesses cut corners by using low quality and toxic painting products for their home painting services which can lead to health problems for the house’ inhabitants later on in life.

The 1800 All Painting crew make sure that no corners are cut when it comes to the project and their clients’ well-being. The highest quality and the safest painting products are used for all painting projects for new homes, ensuring the well-being of the inhabitants. In addition, using high quality painting products means that the painting job will look superb and amazing for years to come.

1800 All Painting make sure that they stay sharp on the new house painting project from start to finish. You will be guaranteed that the 1800 All Painting will give as much of their attention to your house project whether you are getting your first consultation to the last lick of paint is painted inside your house. Of course, you will be able to stay calm during the entire project knowing that the 1800 All Painting crew will definitely not bail on you during half way through the project. The 1800 All Painting crew is all about integrity and giving a service which simply can’t be matched.

1800 All Painting is insured against all of the liabilities that can occur on site. Of course, with this kind of insurance in place you truly can have a stress free painting project where you can simply be carefree and perhaps even enjoy the entire experience. Many home owners have expressed their appreciation for 1800 All Painting’s thoroughness and dedication in their work.

It’s without a doubt that your next new home painting service should be done by 1800 All Painting. There isn’t a painting service in the whole of Melbourne that can do anything near what the 1800 All Painting crew can do.