10 Tips for Better Spray Painting

10 Tips for Better Spray Painting

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You can break away from conventional painting techniques and accentuate the style and persona of your office or home by spray painting. With these spray painting tips, you can bring elegance and glamour to your space with little mess and very little trouble.

1. Look before you buy

When you consider spray painting your home or office, it is important to buy the best paints and primers that would not only look good, but are also high quality and resilient. If you are environmentally conscious, you can consider buying spray paints that have low toxicity levels. Latex paint is most commonly used but oil-based varieties will last longer and give a glossy magnificence to the space.

2. Read the instructions carefully

If you are a novice in DIY spray painting, it is important that you read the instructions on the can carefully before you begin. The information can be valuable in telling you how far to hold the spray can from the object, the proper temperature at the time of application, how long to shake the can before spraying, how much time to be given for the paint to cure, and much more.

3. Prepare the surface for painting

To get fantastic spray painting results, it is important to first prepare the surface. Make sure that the surface is clean of dirt and dust. If there are any damaged areas, repair them using caulk. Mask off the locations where you don’t want paint splattering. Before painting, always use primer and make sure that your primer and paint dry properly between coats.

4. Conduct a pattern test

Before you start using the spray paint on the object or space, do a pattern test on a piece of plywood to see the effect it produces. You can then adjust your technique, or try holding the can closer or further from the object, until you find a pattern you’re happy with.

5. Don’t point your spray paint can; sweep it

There is a certain technique for spray painting that gets you the most attractive look. Don’t simply point the spray paint can and shoot off the space. To get a smooth coat of paint, sweep it vertically and horizontally past the object. For instance, if you are moving left to right, start spraying just to the left of the object or space and then move the stream right.

6. Set the object at the proper height

If you are spray painting an object, set it up on a workbench, sawhorse or other platform so that it will be at a comfortable height. This not only makes the process more convenient for you, but it also gets you proper access for moving the spray can across the object easily and consistently.

7. Wet coating for flawless look

If you are looking for a smooth, flawless look, you can experiment with wet coating. Spray a light coat of paint all over the object or surface, and before it can dry out completely, apply additional paint so that it is totally wet.

8. Stay safe

Wear appropriate respirator, dust mask, and gloves while painting. Also, make sure the space is well ventilated.

9. Start smooth to get a smooth finish

To get a smooth finish, sand the surface and use a primer before you paint.

10. Use a drop cloth

Use a large plastic or drop cloth to provide an ample backdrop for your spray painting mission.